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Book Launch Case Study

In 2016, I publised a novel called Impala that won several awards and sold fairly well. It was one of the few indie titles ever nominated by Amazon editors to their Best New Releases list (September, 2016).

When I published my next novel, Gate 76 in 2018, I ran a free giveaway of Impala to try to reach new readers who would buy Gate 76.

The case study below describes what I did before launch to promote Gate 76 and includes useful details on the Impala giveaway. I wrote this up back in 2018 and passed it along to a fellow author who used it with great success in launching a new series.

Download the Book Launch Case Study (PDF)

For an older case study of a stacked book promotion, see Summary of an E-Book Promotion.

Last update: 2022-02-15