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Promo Sites

The following list is in alphabetical order, not order of preference. Except where noted, the author of this site has used all of the services below with varying success.

Before you run a free or discount book promotion, read the section on Paid Promotional Sites so you can set your expectations and come up with a successful strategy.

Recommended services are marked with a thumbs-up icon.

Awesome Gang

I have not used Awesome Gang, but they have a good reputation among indie authors. At $10, they’re among the most inexpensive services, and they even have a free option. Their advertising page has info about how they promote your book.

Bargain Booksy

Bargain Booksy is the sister site of FreeBooksy, listed below. Bargain Booksy focuses on discounted titles. They are legit, and I’ve had good success with them. Take a look at their author page for prices and subscriber list sizes.

Bargain eBook Hunter

Bargain eBook Hunter promotes free and discount ebooks. They’re part of a group called HotZippy. For information on running a promo, see Prices start at $23.

Book Adrenaline

Book Adrenaline promotes free and discount titles through their email list and social media. Their author page has more information.

Book Barbarian

Book Barbarian specializes in promoting fantasy and sci-fi. According to their authors page, they have over 45,000 email subscribers and over 20,000 Facebook fans.

Book Basset

Book Basset promotes free and discount titles. See their submissions page for details. They also offer cross-posting to eReaderIQ.

Book Cave

Book Cave seems to have been growing over the past few years. Their price list shows a pretty healthy subscriber base across all genres. Because they promote in multiple countries, you should take a look at their article on KDP international pricing.

Book Dealio

Book Dealio claims to have over 200,000 subscribers. I haven’t used them before, but I might give them a go in my next campaign.

Book Goodies

Book Goodies will run ads for free and discount titles on their website. I can’t tell if they have a mailing list. This site could use some cleanup.

Book Gorilla

Book Gorilla has been around for many years. They have a large subscriber list and helpful customer service. See their advertising page for info on how to set up a promotion.

Book Rebel

Book Rebel has a clean, well-designed site and claims to be a little choosier than other sites in terms of what books they’ll promote. If you want to work with them, you’ll have to set up a partner account.

Book Runes

I’ve uses Book Runes in the past and found they were worth the money. You can set up a promo through their submissions page. Note that because they promote to a number of English-speaking countries, you’ll need to discount your book in all of the markets they serve. For more info, see Book Cave’s article on international discount pricing.

Book Zio

Book Zio promotes through a mailing list and social media. Prices range from $25 to $49.


Bookbub is the biggest player in the market with millions of subscribers. They are expensive, but worth it. If your promotion takes off, you may actually make money. Unlike other services that will accept submissions from almost anyone who pays, Bookbub is very selective, often rejecting titles from top publishers.

Booklovers Heaven

Booklovers Heaven promotes fiction and non-fiction. Promotional packages start at $5.


Booksends can be a little pricey, but they have a fairly large mailing list and they’re transparent about their subscriber counts. If you want to see the numbers, check out their advertisers page.

Choosy Bookworm

I had good success with Choosy Bookworm back in 2015 and 2016. After that, they seemed to take on too many titles per day and their effectiveness plumetted. More recently, they seem to have gone back to listing fewer titles per day. The fact that they’re still around says they must be doing something right. The owner, Jay, is personable and helpful. This one may be worth a try.

Digital Book Today

Digital Book Today seems to promote mainly fiction. Their author page claims 23,000 email subscribers and 38,000 Facebook followers.

Early Bird Books

Early Bird Books belongs to Open Road Media’s suite of promotional sites. See their author page for info on how to submit.

Ebook Soda

I’ve had pretty good luck with Ebook Soda. A large part of their subscriber base is in the UK, so if you advertise with them, be sure to set your promo price for the UK as well as the US. If you’re running a countdown deal, the KDP dashboard alllows you to set up deals for both the US and UK.

ebooks Habit

eBooks Habit provides inexpensive promos to ebooks priced $2.99 or less. See their authors page for details.

eReader IQ

eReader IQ promotes free and discount ebooks in a number of genres. The site’s browsing features make it easy for readers to zero in on titles that interest them. They claim a mailing list of 47,000. This site is affiliated with Book Basset. See their submissions page for pricing and guidelines.

Ereader News Today

Ereader News Today has a nice, clean site and large subscriber list (over 200,000 on their email list, plus 475,000 Facebook followers). Prices start at $60 for ebooks listed at $2.99 or less. I’ve had very good success with these guys. Take a look at their author page if you’re interesting in submitting.

Free Booksy

Free Booksy is the sister site of Bargain Booksy, listed above. They promote free ebooks only and have a substantial subscriber base. See their pricing page for details.

Free Kindle Books and Tips

Free Kindle Books and Tips is one of the oldest Kindle promo sites around. Note that they specialize in Kindle promotions, not Nook or Kobo or Apple. With a reader base of 675,000, I’ve had great success with these guys. See their author page for info on how to submite.

Genre Pulse

Genre Pulse pushes ads through their Kindle and Android apps. They publish click-through stats for all of their campaigns on their stats page. (Hint: Copy and paste any of the links into a new browser tab to see a breakdown of who’s been clicking on an ad.) To promote a book, see their submissions page. This site is affiliated with Price Dropped Books.


HotZippy is actually a suite of four promo sites. They promote both free and discount titles, offering a number of packages starting at $23.

Just Kindle Books

Just Kindle Books promotes free and discount Kindle books through a number of channels. They also cross-promote through affiliate sites BookSliced and eReaderNation. For pricing and subscriber counts, see their submissions page.

Kindle Nation Daily

Kindle Nation Daily specializes in promoting Kindle books and has a huge audience. Their promo page lists a number of packages. I’ve tried several of their more expensive offerings (in the $119-$129 range) and found them well worthwhile.


ManyBooks has a nice, clean layout, with books organized into genres. They have a large mailing list and over half a million monthly visitors. Their author services page lists a number of promotional opportunities.

Murder & Mayhem

Murder & Mayhem is an Open Road Media site specializing in crime fiction. They promote mystery ebook deals. See their self-service page if you’re interested in listing a title.

My Romance Reads

My Romance Reads specializes in Romance, though it looks like their parent organization may soon be expanding to include mysteries and thrillers. If you’re interested in submitting a title, see their services page.

Mystery Reads

Mystery Reads promotes mystery titles through their website. They don’t seem to have a mailing list. See their advertising page for info on how to list your title.

New In Books

New In Books specializes in promoting new releases. Your book doesn’t have to be free or discounted. While their Book Launch Promo Stack is somewhat pricey, it can help new titles get off the ground.

Pixel Scroll

Pixel Scroll promotes free and bargain ebooks. They’re part of the HotZippy network. To get a listing, see HotZippy’s getting started page.

Price Dropped Books

Price Dropped Books is affiliated with GenrePulse, which means they promote mainly through Kindle Fire and Android apps. You can target campaigns by genre, started at $18. See their promotions page for details.

Reading Deals

Reading Deals promotes all kinds of ebooks. They offer both free and $29 listing options.

Red Feather Romance

Red Feather Romance specializes in romance fiction and can target your promotions to specific subgenres. See their pricing page for more info.

Riffle Books

I don’t know what happened to Riffle Books. They had built a social site similar to Goodreads, and they had a few very active reviewers and their promo service delivered good results. As of February, 2022, their site has been offline for months. Go there, and you’ll see an error message. Somehow, though, they’re still delivering book deals to my inbox. Bottom line: I’d avoid this one. If they can’t keep their site running, they’re probably not going to deliver good service.

Robin Reads

Robin Reads delivered excellent results the one time I used them. They’re a little pickier than other promo services. If you’re book doesn’t look good, they won’t take it. Take a look at their author signup page for more info.

The eReader Cafe

The eReader Cafe promotes all types of free and discount ebooks. Their author page shows a list of available packages.

The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian is among the best of the best. They have a large subscriber base with broad interests, which makes them especially good if you’re trying to promote titles outside the big-selling genres of romance, mystery, and thriller (though they work well for those too). The site is run by pros, customer service is excellent, and they have thoughtful in-depth blog posts for both readers and authors.

Your New Books

Your New Books promotes ebooks priced at $4.99 or less. They claim an audience of over 80,000 readers. Their promos page shows packages ranging from $10 to $49.

More Promo Sites

IndiesToday maintains a list of promo sites with ratings.

Last update: 2022-02-15