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The first time you publish a book, you’ll be surprised at how much you have to do after the writing is done. From the editing and proofing process to interior design, cover design, format conversion, ISBNs, metadata and marketing copy it’s easy to lose track of tasks and deadlines along the way.

The checklists below help you keep track of these things, so nothing slips through the cracks. In the interest of thoroughness, these checklists may include steps that are not part of your process. You can delete those and add or alter tasks to suit your needs.

These documents are in Word and Excel format. If you don’t have Microsoft Office software, you can upload these to Google Docs and use them there, or you can use the free Libre Office to edit them on your own computer.

You can get Office for free on smaller iOS devices, as described in this MacWorld article. It’s also free for Android devices with screens smaller than ten inches.

Production and Marketing Task List

The production and marketing task list spreadsheet includes a list of tasks you’ll need to complete to get your book ready for publication. These include editing and design work, author and title page setup, etc.

This list will help you get started. Add and delete items as necessary.

The second sheet in this Excel workbook helps you track submissions to paid promo sites for pre- or post-launch promotions. If you’re planning on running a free or discount promotion through paid services like Bookbub or the Fussy Librarian, this spreadsheet will point you toward submission pages and help keep track of the submission process for each site. For general info about paid promotions, see Paid Promotional Sites.

Dowload Production and Marketing Task List

Marketing Metadata and Copy

The marketing metadata and copy document provides a single place for you to gather information you’ll need again and again during the publication and marketing processes. This includes your ISBNs, page counts, pricing info, log line, book summary, and more.

Dowload Marketing Metadata and Copy document

Last update: 2022-02-15